About Farfalla founders

We established Farfalla Essentials Ltd. more than 20 years ago. It is the first Swiss company that has been committed to natural aromatherapy products and wellness or SPA-products since the beginning. We have had a vision from the start.

Therefore we have aimed to pass on our enthusiasm for natural fragrances to others so that they too can appreciate the power and vitality of these natural substances and make full use of them in their daily lives.


Gian Furrer,  Marianne Richard, Claude Richard, Paul Gisler

The key aspects of our work are

  • the promotion of an organic philosophy out of respect for humankind and nature
  • ecologically compatible natural products
  • natural raw materials, taking nature and animal welfare into consideration (without experimentation on animals or genetic engineering)
  • fair trade and a just price
  • a working climate based on trust and respect

The summary of our philosophy is reflected in the quality of our products: Natural, sensuous, vital.

About Farfalla Quality - Farfalla Essentials AG – a Swiss company

Top-Quality perfumes and natural cosmetics from Switzerland

  • A pioneer with more than 20 years of experience in perfumes and natural cosmetics
  • Farfalla is an independent company and is owned by its four founders
  • The owners all actively work for the company and each has an area of responsibility
  • A company with 70 employees; the company culture is promoted by comprehensive training for a competent and reliable team
  • Farfalla has many years of commercial experience through its five own shops in Switzerland as well as its exports to EU countries and the Asian market


  • Rigorously consistent use of natural products in premium quality with a clear focal point on ecological raw materials
  • Extensive knowledge of aromatherapy is applied to each of the care products
  • Over 70% of the raw materials originate from controlled ecological farms, including all vegetable oils, herb extracts and most of the essential oils
  • We consider our raw material suppliers as partners; we know them personally and co-operate with them on a long and trustful basis
  • Products with a holistic effect on body and mind which give a sensuous aromatic experience through the use of essential oils

What makes Farfalla special

  • With Farfalla competence in perfumery and natural cosmetics is united
  • Farfalla, like no other producer of natural cosmetics, understands how to combine care and fragrance without the use of superficial aroma isolates
  • Farfalla´s natural cosmetics are certified in accordance with the BDHI criteria for controlled natural cosmetics and exceed the requirements by far
  • As a matter of course, for our customers and the environment, we stand for a rigorously consistent use of controlled ecological raw materials
  • A modern product line with an appealing design and charm

Organic Controls

All products ar inspected by independent bodies for the control of organic products. But Farfalla as a company is also screened by the firm Bio-Inspecta who regulates the quantities of organic products traded.

Organic Qualities

  • demeter.gifDemeter (bio-dynamic): The expression Demeter stands for a form of organic agriculture which embraces the philosophy of seasonal rhythms. The fertility of the soil is also strengthened by the addition of special mineral and plant supplements.
  • Controlled Organic Cultivation: Products with this mark conform to the guidelines for controlled organic cultivation. All organic organisations with whom Farfalla works are members of the international governing body IFOAM.
  • bdih.jpgCertified natural cosmetics: This logo guarantees that the choice of raw materials and methods of production meet the standards set by the BDIH (German State Department for Trade and Industry) for controlled natural cosmetics.
  • oxysafe.gifOxysafe: This is the quality label for the extraction of cold pressed oils in the absence of oxygen. The process quarantees a closed oil collection system. There is neither an exposure to heat, nor to light nor to air during the pressing and collection of oil.
  • Organic Controls: All products are inspected by independent bodies for the control of organic products. But Farfalla as a company is also screened by the firm Bio-Inspecta who regulates the quantities of organic products traded.

Farfalla termékek kategóriái:

  • Natural Cosmetics
    • Facial Care
      • Rose Iris
      • Jojoba Neroli
      • Aloe Shea
      • Basic Care
      • Sandalwood for Men
      • Skin Care Plan
    • Body Care
      • Ambra
      • Fresh Lime
      • Frangipani
  • Body and Massage Oils
  • Gemstone Cosmetics
    • Gemstone Oils
    • Tourmaline
    • Amberstone
  • Natural Perfumes
    • Women's Perfumes
    • Men's Perfumes
    • Body Sprays
  • Natural Hair Care
    • Natural Shampoos
    • Care and Styling
  • Aromatic Bath Care
    • Aromatic Bubble Baths
    • Sea Salt Blossom Baths
    • Shower Gels
  • Hydrosols
  • Natural Scents
    • Essential Oils
    • Precautionary Measures
    • Application
    • Aromatic Compositions
    • Relaxing and balancing
      • Mood-lifting
      • Sensuous, emotional
      • Protective, focusing
      • Refreshing and uplifting
      • Scent impressions
  • Aroma Sprays


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